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Fox-Finley Chevrolet Dealership

Modifications: In 1950, addition to west; at unknown date, garage bays on original building infilled with wood boards. Height: One story. Walls: Brick. Storefront: Aluminum display windows and door, metal […]

Home Motor Company

Modifications: At unknown date, some windows/doors replaced or infilled. Height: Two story. Walls: Brick. Storefront: Aluminum display windows and door. Windows & Doors: At 1st story, on east facade 4 […]

Paint Store and Machine Shop

Modifications: At unknown date, storefront modifications to west bay. Height: One story. Walls: Brick. Storefront: Wood display window, vinyl sliding windows, vinyl 1/1 window, wood paneling, steel doors. Stylistic features: […]

Wholesale Grocers

Modifications: By 1899, 2-story addition at north half of lot. In 1949, storefronts modernized. At unknown date, some window openings on 1st and 2nd fls of west facade partially infilled […]

Red Oak Sun

Modifications: In 1956, storefront modified. At unknown date, metal slip cover added to top and cement board to remainder brick on primary façade. Height: One story. Walls: Cement board and […]

H.D. Lamb Furniture Co.

Modifications: Between 1912 & 1948 facade covered with stucco, 2nd fl window openings modified, and most of elaborate cornice removed. In 1952, 419 E Reed St storefront modified. At unknown […]

Finest Cleaners

Modifications: At unknown dates, concrete block primary facade faced with brick veneer, entry modified, windows replaced. Height: One story. Walls: Brick. Storefront: Vinyl sliding windows, awning at door entry, steel […]

Bankers Life Insurance Co.

Modifications: At unknown date, storefront modernized. Height: One story. Walls: Brick. Storefront: Glass block display window, wood door, brick kneewall, wood covering transom. Stylistic features: None Past Businesses 1950-1960 Bankers […]

Pioneer Mutual Insurance

Modifications: Between 1948 and 1951, 1-story addition built. Due to similarity of materials, appears that at same time original building refaced and new windows added. Height: Two-story. Walls: brick and […]

J.F. Liebel Bakery

Modifications: After 1948, storefronts modernized. At recent unknown date, some 2nd floor windows replaced. Height: Two story. Walls: Brick Storefront: Aluminum display windows, wood doors with transoms, one transom covered […]

Red Oak Branding Kit

Align your marketing campaigns with the City of Red Oak's new branding; Red Oak - The Heart of Southwest Iowa.