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A.C. Hinchman Building

222, 224 E Coolbaugh Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:



Harry Lawrie


Commercial Style


Modifications: In 1916, extensive improvements, additional story added at rear of 224 E Coolbaugh St and exterior refaced with
pressed brick. Before 1960, corner bay storefront remodeled. At unknown date, storefronts on north and east facades modernized. At unknown dates, entire storefront level remodeled again and all of 2nd floor windows replaced.

Height: Two story.

Walls: Brick.

Storefront: Large wood display windows, wood doors.

Windows: Replacement wood casement

Stylistic features: Brick corbeling at cornice and belt course, stone belt course, diamond stone accents, ornamental brickwork outlining window openings.

Past Businesses

222 E Coolbaugh St
1886-1899 Clothing, Offices – 2nd Fl
1890 (circa) Louis M. Doctor and Daniel Reifel, New York Store Gent’s Furnishing Goods
1908 Electric Theatre
1907-1908 The Majestic (Electric Theatre)(Moving Picture Show)
1914 Furniture
1917-1919 B.A. Gregory (Carpets, Rugs, Embalmer, Kitchen Cabinets, Pictures & Framing)
1934 R.D. Morris (Dentist) – 2nd Fl
1934 U.S. Employment Service
1934-1955 Chamber of Commerce – 2nd Fl
1934-1960 Iowa Power & Light Company
1955 Capital Broadcasting Company
1955 KFNF Radio Station – 2nd Fl
1955 Taylor Photo Service – 2nd Fl

224 E Coolbaugh St
1880-1913 A.C. Hinchman, Hinchman Drug Store
1886-1908 Drugs, Offices – 2nd Fl
1914 Drugs & Stationery
1914-1927 Schadel’s Pharmacy
1917 F.S. Schadel (Dentist) – 2nd Fl
1917 G.C. Schadel (Druggists)
1917 F.W. Smith (Physician & Surgeon) – 2nd Fl
1917 J.S. Cook & Company (Real Estate) – 2nd Fl

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