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Artz Drug Store

510 N Fourth Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:







Modifications: By 1930s, facade stuccoed covering quoins and window hoods, cornice removed, second floor window openings partially infilled, transom windows at storefront removed. By 1960 storefront remodeled, retractable awning added, and display windows changed. Sometime after 1960, display windows modified again and fixed awning added.

Height: Two story.

Walls: Brick covered with stucco.

Storefront: Aluminum windows and doors, awning.

Windows: Wood 1/1 double hung windows.

Stylistic features: None

Past Businesses

1896-1960 D. Artz Drugs
1972 Philip Armknect, Attorney
1972 Reese & Armknect, Attorney
1972 John Shoe Shop

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