Auburn Car Sales

200 E Reed Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:





Commercial Style


Modifications: At unknown dates, transoms on primary (north) facade covered, windows on east and south facades covered or infilled.

Height: one story

Walls: brick and textured concrete block, paintes.

Storefront: Aluminum display windows and door, transoms covered and used for signage, wood clad kneewalls.

Windows: Infilled on secondary facade.

Stylistic Features: Brick corbeling at cornice, arched window openings on side facade.

Past Businesses

1914 Lyman J. Botts, Auburn Car Sales (Salesroom at 209 E Coolbaugh)
1917 Red Oak Auto Co. (also at 209-211 Washington)
1920-1921 Owens-Askey Service Co.
1925-1927 Erikson-Fortune Motor Co.
1925-1935 Fortune Motor Co.
1940-1960 Blue Distributing Co. (N.J. Carder, owner)
1972 Joyce Brothers Auto Supply