Billiard Hall

212 E Coolbaugh Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:





No Style


Modifications: In 1959, remodeled and storefront modernized. After 1960, metalbracketed cornice removed. In 2000s, storefront was reconstructed to match its historical appearance.

Height: Two story.

Walls: Brick, painted.

Storefront: Large wood display windows and transoms, wood and hardboard doors, metal cornice.

Windows: Wood 1/1 double hung windows.

Stylistic features: None

Past Businesses

1886-1891 Billiard Hall
1899 Grocery & Bakery
1908 Confectionery
1914 Pool Hall
1917 O.H. Archer Billiards, Cigar & Tobacco
1919-1927 People’s Market, Smaha & Paullin, Max Latimer (Meats)
1921 Samuelson Brothers (Billiards, Pool, Tobacco & Soft Drinks)
1934 Clements Transfer & Storage Company
1934-1945 Red Oak Stock Powder Company
1945 Red Oak Transfer & Storage
1959 Driftwood Floral & Gifts