Bouleau & Thomas Furniture Co.

404, 406 E Coolbaugh Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:





Classical Revival


Modifications: After 1948 storefront altered. At a later unknown date, storefront modernized with new materials.

Height: Two Story

Walls: Brick

Storefront: Metal display windows and doors, transoms painted or infilled.

Windows: covered with wood boards.

Stylistic Features: Stone belt courses, stone and brick cornice, classical capitals atop brick pilasters, arched windows.

Past Businesses

1901 C.J. Beckwith’s Furniture Store, Beckwith Furniture Company
1902-1917 Lamb, Boileau & Thomas; Boileau & Thomas Furniture Company (Furniture & Undertaking)
1908-1914 Furniture
1934-1955 F.E. West & Son Furniture & Carpet Company

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