Carmichael’s Variety Store

301, 303 E Reed Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:







Modifications: Around 1910, one-story addition to rear of building. Before 1946, elaborate cornice removed. Before 1961, storefront modernized and west façade 1st fl openings infilled with brick. After 1961, storefront alterations, 2nd fl windows replaced or covered. In 2014, building owners received a CDBG grant to carry out facade improvements. Work included a new sign panel over the former transom, brick repair, a new storefront and new paint at the windows.

Height: Two story.

Walls: Brick, painted.

Storefront: Aluminum windows and door, transom area covered and used for signage, aluminum awning.

Windows: Vinyl 1/1 windows with vinyl transoms.

Stylistic features: Round-headed arch surround supported by colonnettes, rough-faced (ashlar) stonework, ornamented cushion capitals, decorative plaques, belt courses, pilasters.

Past Businesses

301 E Reed St
1891 Dry Goods, B & S, Offices on 2nd Floor
1895 Thomas Brothers (Hardware)
1895-1896 Gun & Reeves (Hardware)
1896 G.M. Byrkit (Dentist) – 2nd Fl
1896 W.W. Merritt Jr. (Lawyer) – 2nd Fl
1896-1908 W.B. Lawerence (Physician)- 2nd Fl
1901-1902 H.P. Christy, Hardware (301 E Reed St)
1901-1908 Iowa Telephone Company (301 ½ E Reed St) – 2nd Fl
1907-1908, 1911 W.T. Carmichael, Carmichael’s Variety Store (Grocer)
1908 Grocery & Queensware, Tele. Exchange on 2nd Fl, Dry Goods & Shoes
1909 Lee Baldwin (Grocer)
1909 Bell Telephone Company – 2nd Fl
1910-1911 Shanck & Henry Grocery Store
1910-1911 Evans Smoke House
1911-1912 A.R. Tracy, Tracy-Sadler Company (Dry Goods Store) – 1st & 2nd Fl
1912 Danbom-Larson Investment Company (city property, county farms) – 2nd Fl
1914 G.C. Allensworth Company (General Store)
1914 Dry Goods
1917 B.F. Spicer (Dentist) – 2nd Fl
1917 W.C. Ratcliff (Lawyer) – 2nd Fl
1917 Olive Worsley (Music teacher) – 2nd Fl
1917 Joe Robson (Real Estate) – 2nd Fl
1917 Tracey Sadler Company (301 & 303 E Reed St)
1927 Store
1940 Safeway Store
1948 Store
1961-1972 Gambles (301 & 303 E Reed St)

303 E Reed St
1901-1902 Graham, Darrah & Howard Company (Furnishing Goods, Notion, Shoes)
1901-1902 Henry & Moates (Real Estate)- 2nd Fl
1903-1908 J.P. Black (Shoes) (two stores 303 and 305 E Reed St)
1907-1908 S.A. Henry (Real Estate) (303 ½ E Reed St)
1958 Buckles & Bows Square Dance Club – 2nd Fl
1961 Gambles (301 & 303 E Reed St)

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