F.J. Brodby Grocery

401, 403 E Reed Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:





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Modifications: Between 1912 and 1930s, metal cornice removed. In 1951, major remodeling at 1st and 2nd fls. In 2014, building owners received a CDBG grant to carry out facade improvements. Work included awning repair, new storefront in the right bay, and new storm windows.

Height: Two story.

Walls: Brick.

Storefront: Aluminum display windows and door, glass block display window, brick kneewalls, wood door with transom, aluminum awning.

Windows: 1st fl – glass block, 2nd fl wood 1/1 double hung windows.

Stylistic features: Simple brick detailing.

Past Businesses

401 E Reed St Address
1896-1908 F.J. Brodby (Groceries)
1896 G. Blackstone (Insurance) – 2nd Fl
1896 Fred Ewaldt (Barber) – Basement, J.W. Manker (Dentist) & B.E.A. Simons (Real Estate) – 2nd Fl
1901 Modern Supply Company – 2nd Fl
1909-1928 Hiatt & Finley Groceries, Hiatt & Company
1914-1917 Swedish Metal Paint & Roofing Company – 2nd Fl
1915 Chauncey Heckman (Photo Business) – 2nd Fl
1917-1919 L.C. Hultine (Chiropractor) – 2nd Fl
1920 Roe & Kohl Groceries
1930 C.S. Fridolph (Farm Loans) – 2nd Fl
1934-1945 Johnson Groceries
1950-1955 George D. Robinson (Chiropractor) – 2nd Fl
1955-1957 Helen T. Dearborn (Dentist)
1955-1957 Gladys A. Cooper, M.D.
1955-1960 John Odell (Dentist); H.C. Bastron
1957-1958 W.W. Coulter (Chiropractor)- 2nd Fl
1971 Southwest Iowa Learning Resources Center

403 E Reed St Address
1896 Fuller & Thactcher Restaurant
1896 Dan Gun (Glove Manufacture) – 2nd Fl
1901-1902 F.M. Heitt (Physician) – 2nd Fl
1901-1909 A.J. Sourwine, The Montgomery County Abstract Company- 2nd Fl
1905 C.H. Hemenover Restaurant
1907-1908 Arcade Restaurant
1907-1909 H.O. Hatton (Real Estate) – 2nd Fl
1907-1917 W.M. Peterson (Insurance Agent) – 2nd Fl
1909-1910 Majestic Theatre Company
1911 Allie Roberts (Beauty Parlors)
1917 John Liberty Confectioners
1917 G.W. Thomas (Lawyer) – 2nd Fl
1928 The Emporium (Dry Goods)
1933 Lagerstrom’s Central Shoe Store
1934-1955 William A. Irwin, J.C. Cornelison, Irwin & Cornelison
(Awning, Appliance, Heating Contractors)
1940 W.S. Peterson – 2nd Fl
1950-1960 Awnings (Contractors)(Red Oak telephone directory)
1971 Southwest Iowa Learning Resources Center (Express)

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