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First National Bank

501 N Third Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:



George West




Modifications: Remodeled in 1893. New
building erected at rear of site in 1902. At an
unknown date, upper half of the front facade and
entire south facade covered in stucco.

Height: Two story.

Walls: Rock-face course ashlar stone, stucco.

Storefront: Aluminum door, wood transom.

Windows: At 1st story, wood stained glass,
fixed, and 1/1 double hung wood windows. At
2nd story, wood 1/1 double hung windows.

Stylistic Features: Segmental arched entry,
short tower, deep set windows.

Past Businesses

1896-1917 First National Bank
1897-1901 E.T. Erickson Loan
1917 P.L. Hayzlett, lawyer; C.J. Junkin,
lawyer; J.K. Larson, barber
1934-1959 Houghton Bank
1940-1960 Turner Barber Shop
1951 Highway Commission Engineering
1972 H. Gene McKeown and Ass.
Engineers and Consulting; Carder and
Kurtenback Insurance; Charles Walker,
Real Estate

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