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Houghton Block

400, 402 E Coolbaugh Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:





Italian Renaissance


Modifications: Early 1910s modifications to storefront. In 1926 changes to front façade. Sometime before 1940, the storefronts modernized. At an unknown date, storefronts modernized again.

Height: Three story.

Walls: Brick.

Storefront: Brick pilasters, specific to north facade – stone portico, aluminum display windows and doors, stained glass transom;
specific to west facade – metal display windows and transoms with enamel porcelain tile kneewall, stone lintels and sills, vinyl 1/1 windows, metal storm doors, wood cladding, wood display windows and door, wood kneewall.

Windows: Wood 1/1 double hung windows, small circular windows

Stylistic features: Brick corbeling; stone belt course, lintels and sills; bracketed metal cornice, arched window openings at 3rd floor, 2nd story balustraded window sill on north facade.

Past Businesses

400 E Coolbaugh St
1901-1902 Snider & Rouse (Barbers)
1901-1902 Red Oak Real Estate Company, O.E. Schoonover, manager
1903 Hetrick & Priessman (Cigars)
1905 B.M. Heflin (Cigar Manufacturer)(Basement)
1905 Red Oak Advertising Company, C.H. Heath, manager – 2nd Fl
1905 E.M. Woodard (Dentist) – 2nd Fl
1905 Mayme Frank, Music teacher – 2nd Fl
1908 W.C. Marshall Bowling Alley – Basement
1908 Bowling in basement, Tailor on 1st Fl, Bank on 2nd Fl, and Lodge Hall on 3rd Fl
1908-1948 Knights of Pythias, Lodge Hall – 3rd Fl
1910-1917 Frank Langford (Barber)
1914 Barber on 1st Fl, Lodge Hall on 3rd Fl
1915-1920 New Athens Shining Parlor, Thomas B. Jolas, Jolas Brothers Shining Parlor – Basement
1917 G.S. Redmon (Tailor, Cleaning & Pressing) – Basement
1921 Moulis Brothers (Shining Parlor)
1922 Webster & Brown (Shining Parlor)
1927 Office, Hall – 3rd Fl; Otto Binau (Shining Parlor) – Basement
1930-1941 Butler Grocery Market (Dry Goods, Meat Market, & Notions)
1934-1945 Thelma’s Beauty Shop – 2nd Fl
1934-1945 Chas A. Reese (Law Office) – 2nd Fl
1940-1955 Edwin Engquist Insurance Agency
1940 Arlene Classic Beauty Shop (Arlene Winnike, owner)
1940-1952 Lowman & Jones Barber Shop (R.H. Lowman & D. Jones, owners)
1940 Peters Brothers Tailors & Cleaners (Emil & Luther Peters, owners)
1940 Peters Rooming House (Mary E. Peters, owner)
1940 M.R. Thomas Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance
1945 Security Bonds (downstairs office)
1948 Office, Hall on 3rd Fl
1955 Ardith’s Beauty Shop – 2nd Fl
1955 Hawkeye Realty Company
1955 Tom B. Lomas (Insurance) – 2nd Fl
1955 Unsicker Dental Laboratory – 2nd Fl

402 E Coolbaugh St
1899 Vacant
1901 J. Ed. Logan (Department Store)(402 E Coolbaugh St & 412 N
Fourth St.)
1901-1908 R.T. Will (Dentist) – 2nd Fl
1902-1904 Ellingen & Barth (Department Store)
1907 H.C. Houghton Jr. Hatter & Furnisher
1908 Electric Theatre
1914 Moving Pictures on 1st Fl, Lodge Hall on 3rd Fl
1914 Elite Theater
1927-1948 Store, Lodge Hall on 3rd Fl

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