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Hysham Building

300 E Coolbaugh Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:





Commercial Style


Modifications: By 1950s, large sign installed in front of the glass transoms across north façade. During the 2000s, storefront modernized and 2nd floor windows replaced. At unknown date, 1st floor windows along west façade infilled with concrete block.

Height: Two story.

Walls: Brick

Storefront: Wood display windows, metal door, wood kneewall, cast iron columns, awning.

Windows: Vinyl 1/1 windows.

Stylistic features: Decorative brickwork, stone pediments above the 2nd floor windows, stone belt course and cornice.

Past Businesses

1886-1891 Clothing, Offices – 2nd Fl
1895-1902 Isold & Cozad (George Isold and J.Warren Cozad), famous Clothing, Cozad & Hunter Clothing
1896 J.S. Cook (Real Estate) – 2nd Fl
1896 Hanna Newton, Justice of the Peace & Land Agent – 2nd Fl
1896 S.L. Hanner (Tailor) – 2nd Fl
1896 Edward Neudeck (Pension Agent) – 2nd Fl
1896 J.W. Scott (Western Union Telegraph Office) – 2nd Fl
1899 Clothing, Offices – 2nd Fl
1901-1902 Max Loeb & Sol Loeb (Clothing Merchants)
1902 Sayers & Shepard (Furnishing Goods & Tailoring)
1907 The Hub Clothier (Outfitter for Men, Boys and Children)
1908-1914 Clothing
1914 Shepard Clothing
1920-1926 Hawkins-Thomas Company (Clothing)
1926-1955 Thomsen Hardware Company, Thomsen-Bergren Hardware

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