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Iowana Theater and Recreation Parlor

312, 314 E Coolbaugh Street, Red Oak, Iowa

Year Built:





Commercial Style


Modifications: After fire in 1902, 2nd floor reconstructed. In 1924, new storefront. Between 1956 and 1971, storefront completely remodeled again. After 1971, additional modifications to storefront.

Height: Two story.

Walls: Brick, painted.

Storefront: Aluminum doors and display windows, stone veneer kneewalls, wall medallion above east entry, awning

Windows: Vinyl 1/1 windows.

Stylistic features: Corbeled brick, stone lintels and sills at 2nd fl window openings.

Past Businesses

312 E Coolbaugh St
1908 Office
1914 Office, Photography on 2nd Floor
1917 Edward & Gordon Hayes (Farms Buyer & Seller)
1917 F.J. Holoubek (Photographer) – 2nd Fl
1924-1955 Iowana Recreation Café, Good Recreation Parlor, Iowana Recreation Parlor

1924-1955 Iowana Theater
1927-1948 Movies, Store in Basement
1934-1945 B.A. Shaver (Law Office) – 2nd Fl
1955 Lester L. Osborn (Lawyer) – 2nd Fl

314 E Coolbaugh St
1886 Vacant Store
1891 Restaurant
1896 Briggs Brothers Plumbing
1896 A.W. Otis (Real Estate & Loan)
1899 Restaurant
1902 W.F. Coonley Restaurant
1908 Restaurant & Confectionery
1908 Lloyd’s Restaurant
1908 Gould’s Café, F.A. Gould (Restaurant)
1911 Calumet Restaurant
1911 Wade Evans (Cigar Factory and Smokehouse)
1914 Cigars, Cigar Factory
1915-1917 O.J. Gibson & Son (Real Estate, Farm Loans & Insurance) – 2nd Fl
1917 L.P. Priessman (Cigars & Tobacco)
1917 Elsie Skerritt (Sewing School) – 2nd Fl
1927-1948 Movies, Store in Basement

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