J.F. Liebel Bakery

411, 413 E Reed Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:





Classical Revival


Modifications: After 1948, storefronts modernized. At recent unknown date, some 2nd floor windows replaced.

Height: Two story.

Walls: Brick

Storefront: Aluminum display windows, wood doors with transoms, one transom covered with wood boards, one transom covered with fabric awning.

Windows: Wood 1/1 double hung and eyebrow fixed windows, vinyl 1/1 and fixed windows.

Stylistic features: Decorative brickwork, arched window openings.

Past Businesses

411 E Reed St
1913-1919 J.F. Liebel Bakery
1917 Grace Lawrence (Music Teacher) – 2nd Fl
1917 W.B. Lawrence (Physicians & Surgeons)
1925-1928 Red Star Shop (stoves, vacuums, washing machines, etc.)
1934-1945 Leroy Johson Law Office
1934 County Attorney
1934-1945 Clifford Powell (Attorney)
1935 Dearborn Fuel Company (stokers, furnace fans, thermostats, furnace cleaning, etc.)
1940 El Rose Beauty Shop
1950-1960 Gena M. Powell (Real Estate)
1951 Lockwood & Russell (Attorney)
1955-1960 Jack D. Fickel, M.D.

413 E Reed St
1891 Undertaker
1896 B.E. Goldsberry (Photographer)
1896 C.H. Goldsberry Department Store
1901-1902 C. Hemenover Restaurant
1905 Red Oak Repair Works
1907-1908 S.R. Kreidler (Physician)
1909-1940 Carl Oliver, Pogge & Oliver, Oliver’s Better Clothes, John Pogge (cleaning & pressing, dry cleaning, tailoring)
1934-1950 W.S. Reiley M.D. (office)
1940 Red Oak Cleaners, Harold L. Toney
1950-1960 Harold F. Bush (Plumber)
1972-2013 Clinton Allen Monument