Johnson Brothers Grocery Store

400, 402, 404 N Third Street, Red Oak, Iowa, 51566

Year Built:





Commercial Style


Modifications: At unknown dates the storefront
was modernized, second floor window openings
modified; at Washington Ave façade, east and
center masonry openings in-filled.

Height: Two story.

Walls: Brick.

Storefront: Cast iron columns and beams,
aluminum windows, aluminum doors.

Windows: Vinyl 1/1 windows.

Stylistic features: Metal cornice.

Past Businesses

400 N Third St
1917 O.J. Pickering, Storage batteries
1920-1928 Kerrihard Radiator and Tire
1930 Foster Tire Service
1934-1960 Goodrich-Silvertown Store
1972 Goodrich Tires

402 N Third St
1904-1917 Johnson Bros Grocery Store
1908 Red Oak Rug Factory, Grocery,
General Storage, Warehouse and
1909-1910 Johnson’s Store
1914 Plumber, General Store,
Restaurant, Warehouse and Poultry
1916 Vaughn Barber Shop
1917 Anderson & Sunberg, Groceries
1924 Alex Peterson, Distributor (Flour);
Johnson’s Grocery
1927 Plumber, Wholesale Flour and
Feed, Vulcanizing and Auto Top
Repairing; Peterson’s Plain Priced Store
1934-1945 Trainer Beauty Shop
1944 Holaday Barber Shop
1948 Plumber, Store, Tire Sales and
Service and Harness Shop
1951-1957 Bob’s Hair Beauty Salon

404 N Third St
1896 Lockart, W.M.C. Feed & Coal
1899-1900 Lockart and Whitaker,
1905-1910 Red Oak Rug Co. Factory
1914-1951 Draper Plumbing
1957 Bob’s Taxi Service
1958-1960 Bob’s Hair Beauty Salon