Lane’s Bazar (sic)

505, 507 N Third Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:







Modifications: Between 1908 and 1917,
bracketed metal cornice and brick cornice
removed. Around 1917, store front remodeled,
creating central access to the first floor from the
south side. In 1950 first floor remodeled again.
In 2014, building owners received a CDBG grant
to carry out facade improvements. Work
included a new painted aluminum storefront,
adding a vestibule, repainting the trim and a new

Height: Two story.

Walls: Brick

Storefront: Deeply recessed entry, large
aluminum display windows, low masonry knee
walls, striped cloth awning.

Windows: Vinyl 1/1 windows.

Stylistic features: Quoins at building ends, stone
trim. Round arched windows openings at 2nd
floor with elaborate window hoods.

Past Businesses

1886 Drygoods
1897-1928 J.A. Robinson and Son, drygoods
1891 Drygoods
1896 B.J. Austin, furniture
1899 Drygoods, Vacant
1901-1902 Ladies Ready-To-Wear, H.E. Deemer, judge – 2nd Fl, C.H. Lane, capitalist – 2nd Fl, Fred Pomoroy, lawyer
1901-03 Graham & Welch
1905 R.A. Shafer, lawyer – 2nd Fl
1907-08 R.A. Shafer, lawyer – 2nd Fl,
F.P. Greenlee, lawyer – 2nd Fl