M.E. Fisher Co.

407 E Coolbaugh Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:





No Style


Modifications: Between 1954 and 1955, front facade completely modified. in 2014, building owners recieved a CDBG grant to carry out facade improvements. Improvements included awining repair, repainting the storefront, removing the storm door at storefront and repairing and repainting the upper story windows.

Height: Three story

Walls: Brick

Storefront: Wood windows and door, brick kneewall, aluminum awning.

Windows: Metal 2/2 windows, awning windows at base of 2nd floor windows.

Stylistic features: Simple brick detailing.

Past Businesses

1886-1891 Flour, Salt & Seeds
1899 Wholesale Grocer
1908-1920 M.E. Fisher Co. Wholesale Groceries
1920-1955 Purdy Furniture Store

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