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Meat Market

405, 407 E Reed Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:







West Bay:
At unknown dates, storefront modernized, cornice removed, and 2nd floor windows replaced.
East Bay:
Around 1950, storefront modernized. At unknown dates, storefront modernized again and 2nd floor windows replaced.

Height: Two story.

Walls: Brick, painted.

Storefront: West – Aluminum display windows and door, wood door, vinyl awning. East – Cast iron columns, vinyl display windows, wood
door, transom covered with stucco.

Windows: Vinyl 1/1 double hung windows.

Stylistic features: Bracketed metal cornice, 2nd fl window openings have metal lintels and stone sills, brick pilasters, stone accents.

Past Businesses

405 E Reed St
1891 Meats, packing house in rear
1896-1926 Baxter Brothers Meat Market, W.S. Baxter Meat Market,
Baxter Market
1896-1917 W.S. Reiley, O.S. Reiley, Reiley & Reiley (Physician & Surgeon) – 2nd Fl
1934 Montgomery County Agriculture Conservation Association
1940 McQueen & Byers Real Estate & Loan
1950-1960 Martin Photo Company
1972 Red Oak Chamber

407 E Reed St
1896 Express Printing Company
1899 Printing
1899-1902 Madden & Hetrick ,T.E. Madden Cigar Manufacturer
1902 Hetrick & Priessman Cigar Store & Factory
1901-1902 T.R. & E.M. Butchart (Physicians) – 2nd Fl
1908-1927 Red Oak Stock Powder Company
1917 J.L. Rogers & Son (Restaurant)
1918 The Vienna Café
1920-1927 Calumet Café
1928 Star Café
1930 W.A. Irwin (Radios, stoves, etc.)
1933 Schadel Motor Parts Company (N.A.P.A Authorized Dealer)
1934-1945 Schantz Locker Service
1940 Gooerich Electric
1950-1960 Frozen Food Center

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