214, 216 E Coolbaugh Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:





Classical Revival


Modifications: In 1953-1954, storefront modernizations. In c. 2014, storefront reconstructed to resemble historic storefront.

Height: Two story.

Walls: Brick.

Storefront: Large wood display windows and transoms, wood door, brick pilasters with decorative column capitals.

Windows: Wood 1/1 double hung windows.

Stylistic Features: Bracketed, metal cornice, wide cornice seperating 1st and 2nd stories, classical keystones and classical column capitals.

Past Businesses

214 E Coolbaugh St
1908-1914 Meats
1917 Smaha Brothers Meat Market
1917 Ted’s Cigar Store
1919 Sammie’s Place (Cigars & Tobacco)
1928 Western Union (Telegraph Office)
1934-1945 Roy Westerlund Cigar Store
1955 Richards & Richards (Law Office)

216 E Coolbaugh St
1908 Grocery
1909-1945 Blue Front Café
1914 Barber
1917 E.T. Lewellen (Barber)
1955 Westerlund’s (Cigar Store)
1955 N.F. (Bud) Wilkin’s Insurance Agency
1955 Jay Corbin (Real Estate)

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