Miller Block

516, 518 N Fourth Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:





Queen Anne


Modifications: Historically 2 stories. Storefront modernizations occurred at unknown dates. Sometime after 1971, a fire destroyed the second story. In 2014, building owners received a CDBG grant to carry out facade improvements. The building was repainted, and received new storefront and new signage.

Height: One-story.

Walls: Brick.

Storefront: Aluminum windows and doors.Synthetic stone clad kneewalls.

Stylistic features: None

Past Businesses

516 N Fourth St
1896 Bolt & Schwinn, Boots and Shoes
1896 C.W. Smith, Bath Parlors
1901-1909 Bolt Shoe Co.
1914 Kozy Kandy Kitchen
1917 James Kokos Confectioners
1907-1909 A.B. Curry/Curry & Sons Insurance
1934 Dr. W.D. Ballard
1940-1945 Oscar Alden, Physician –2nd Fl
1944 Myra Heflin, Real Estate – 2nd Fl
1944 E.M. Woodward, Dentist – 2nd Fl
1948-1958 Milledge Hardware, Plumbing & Heating Contractors,
Televisions, Appliances (also 518)
1960-1972 Smith Jeweler

518 N Fourth St
1896-1901 W.R. Dawson Dry Goods & Carpets
1896 D.F. Hallet, Physician – 2nd Fl
1896-1905 D.B. Miller, Capitalist, Bank Examiner
1896-1901 F.W. Miller, Physician & Surgeon – 2nd Fl
1901-1909 Edward & Gordon Hayes, Real Estate – 2nd Fl
1901-1908 W.H. Williams, Real Estate & Collections – 2nd Fl
1905-1908 Minni Ashby, Milliner
1905-1909 E.M. Woodward, Dentist
1917 C.A. Berg, Florist/Red Oak Flower Store
1960-1972 Le Rette’s Hardware

406 E Reed St
1901-1902 W.T. Reynolds (Barbers)
1905-1908 (Barbers)
1909 H. Nordyke (Barber)
1915-1917 Liberty Fruit Store
1917 Lee Edward (Barber)

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