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Red Oak National Bank

321, 323 E Reed Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:



George West


Classical Revival


Modifications: In the late 1940s, metal cornice removed. In 1960, exterior completely remodeled, rain screen added to top portion of this and bldg at 319 E Reed St, painted brick and altered storefront installed at street level. In 2015, the rain screen was removed, the upper levels repainted, new windows installed and the storefront was remodeled.

Height: Two story.

Walls: Brick.

Storefront: Painted brick, aluminum doors and windows.

Stylistic features: Window hoods at 2nd fl.

Past Businesses

321 E Reed St
1894-1911 A.R. Tracy, Millinery and Dry Goods
1900 Knights of Pythais (Lodge Room)

323 E Reed St
1886 Drugs, Offices on 2nd Fl
1886-1909 Red Oak National Bank
1896 Boll & Clark (Editors of the Sun) – 2nd Fl
1896 J.L. Shank (Real Estate) – 2nd Fl
1896-1909 T.J. Hysham (Lawyer) – 2nd Fl
1901 William F. Stipe (Law Office)
1901-1905 S. McPherson, Judge U.S. District Court
1905-1908 H.C. French (referee in bankruptcy) – 2nd Fl
1906 O.F. Remmers (Property Insurance) – 2nd Fl
1909 Clark Wright – 2nd Fl
1914 Foss C. Hush (Watchmaker & Optometrist) – 2nd Fl
1917 Phillip Brothers (Shoe Repair)
1926 M.E. Fisher Company (Insurance) – 1st Fl
1928 Dr. George W. Thompson (Dentist)
1928-1940 Dr. Gladys A. Cooper (Physician)(323A)
1934-1945 C.S. Fridold, Farmland & Loans – 2nd Fl
1934-1951 Arthur C. Anderson (Insurance) – 2nd Fl
1940-1966 Montgomery County National Bank
1940 Banker’s Life Insurance Company of Iowa (323A)
1940 Dr. W.S. Edmund (Osteapatic Physician)(323A)
1940 Kenneth D. Erwin (Contractor & Builder)(323A)
1940-1955 C.S. Fridolph (Real Estate & Loan)(323A)
1940-1955 Vernon P. Long (Lawyer)(323A)
1950 Oscar Aldin (Doctor) – 2nd Fl
1950-1951 Leroy H. Johson (Law Office) – 2nd Fl
1951 France Malmerg (Real Estate) – 2nd Fl
1951-1955 Raymond V. Sac (Law Office) – 2nd Fl
1957 Paul Carlson (Office) – 2nd Fl
1957 Johson & Williams Law Office – 2nd Fl
1955-1960 Molmberg & Swanson (Real Estate)

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