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Wholesale Grocers

421, 423 E Reed Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Year Built:







Modifications: By 1899, 2-story addition at north half of lot. In 1949, storefronts modernized. At unknown date, some window openings on 1st and 2nd fls of west facade partially infilled and windows replaced.

Height: Two story.

Walls: Brick.

Storefront: Cast iron columns, wood display windows, brick kneewalls, steel door, aluminum door, wood boards covering transoms, aluminum awning.

Windows: Wood 2/2 or 1/1 double hung windows.

Stylistic features: Brick corbeling at cornice, brick quoins, decorative hooded window crownsand stone sills at 2nd fl window openings.

Past Businesses

421 E Reed
1886-1891 Wholesale Groceries; County Offices on 2nd Floor
1896-1899 Osborne Calendar & Stationery Company (Shipping &
Pressroom) (421-423 E Reed St)
1899 Post Office (421-423 E Reed St)
1901-1902 H.L. Russell (Undertaker)
1904-1914 Pearl Everhart (Music Dealer, Music & Art Store)
1948-1949 Morris Paint & Wallpaper Company, Ivan C. Lungren
1954-1958 Geist Floor Covering & Service

423 E Reed St
1901-1902 A.M. Lull (Optician) – 2nd Fl
1902 J.L. Shank (Loans & Real Estate)
1905-1909 O.E. Whitaker, Whitaker Harness & Implement Company
1914-1919 Shaver-Buehler Auto Company, F.W. Buehler & Company, Sheppard & Buehler Auto Company (Automobiles & Garage)
1917-1927 J.J. Thomas, North American of Chicago (Insurance Agent)
1917-1921 W.R. Rogers (Plumbing & Heating)
1927 Model Café
1927 Thomas Transfer Company, Harold Peterson (rear of building)
1940-1948 Allen Hatchery
1949-1951 Armature & Electric Machine Company
1951 Elmer Nimrod (Office on 2nd Fl)
1955-1957 The Color Corner
1958-1960 Joyce Brothers Auto Supply
1972 Credit Bureau of Red Oak

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73 Historical Buildings, 1 Historical Site, and 8 Historical Objects.

The Red Oak Downtown Historic District has a story to tell. Each individual building itself might not have a depth of historical value, but the woven fabric threaded between each building by commerce, community, fire, and war decorates a story that must be shared.

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