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Paul Yatker

Park Spotlight

By Les Smith, Park Board (February 22nd, 2000, Red Oak Express)

Yatker Park shares the spotlight this week. This park has been referred to with several different names- Triangle Park, Railroad Park and the politically incorrect (and my favorite) Hobo Park. But in 1958, the park was named after Paul Yatker. Mr. Yatker served on the city council from 1937-1949. The park can be found at the intersection of Fourth St and High St.

The park contains a few trees, a bench, a teeter totter and a sidewalk- that’s it. The most prominent think in the park is a Civil Defense siren standing next to the wood bridge overlooking the tracks. This park is primarily used by folks who take walks and stop to rest on the bench, or by those who like to sit and listen to the trains roll by. One could almost see Johnny Cash sitting under a tree singing one of his train songs. So, if you are walking through the neighborhood, stop, sit and listen to the trains rumble past Yatker Park. And, if you want to hum a Johnny Cash song to yourself.


Shaded bench
Green space
The rumbling sound of passing trains

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