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Lane Block

503 N Third Street, Red Oak, Iowa 51666

Year Built:







Modifications: In 1920s, storefront replaced. In
1953, storefront replaced again. Between 1914
and 1927, original elevator at the north end of
rear facade removed. At unknown date, metal
bracketed cornice removed. In 2014, building
owners received a CDBG grant to carry out
facade improvements. Work included repainting
the building and installing new storefront.

Height: Three story.

Walls: Brick.

Storefront: Painted brick pilasters flank painted
brick kneewalls, central entrance, aluminum
display windows, painted Masonite panels in
place of original transom and signage areas,
modern canvas awning. At south end, there is a
separate, wood paneled pedestrian door with
wood framed transom. Floor of both entrances
covered in mosaic tile.

Windows: 2nd floor 2/2 wood double hung, 3rd
floor 4/4 wood double hung.

Stylistic features: Brick quoins at building
corners, arched topped window openings, brick

Past Businesses

1870 Furniture and Rooms
1870-1885 Masonic Lodge – 3rd Fl
1886-1891 Groceries
1886 Hall 3rd Fl
1890-1894 Red Oak Business College –3rd Fl
1894 Farmer’s Store, Queensware and Groceries
1899 Groceries; Lodge Hall 3rd Fl
1903-1905 Hughes and Jenkins Groceries
1908 Groceries; Queensware; Lodge Hall – 3rd Fl
1908 David Jones purchases the building and it becomes known as the Jones Block
1914 Boots and Shoes; Hall – 3rd Fl
1917 Burke Insurance in Jones Block
1917 O.T. Gillett, Attorney
1927 Store; Hall – 3rd Fl
1929-1963 Sundell Shoes
1948 Store; Hall – 3rd Fl
1948-1957 F.R. Wolfe, Dentist
1952 VFW Hall
1964-197x Mode O’Day
1972-1991 The Boutique

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The Red Oak Downtown Historic District has a story to tell. Each individual building itself might not have a depth of historical value, but the woven fabric threaded between each building by commerce, community, fire, and war decorates a story that must be shared.

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