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The Red Oak Trails

Promoted by the non-profit organization
Friends of the Red Oak Trails.

The Red Oak Trails is the newest addition to our well used recreation opportunities. If you start at the YMCA and travel east toward the top of the hill at Eastern Ave., then return downhill, back to where you started, you will have hiked, or biked, or cross country skied 2.7 miles.

Along the way, you will have plenty of places to sit and rest, wander through the apple orchard, watch a lot of wildlife, or enjoy the history that is present on many pieces of sculpted monuments from the 1800’s and early 1900’s in Evergreen Cemetery. Our cemetery is also a historical encyclopedia of past events and people. You can’t get lost on the trail, but your mind will wander as the beauty of nature and the friends you meet along the way make the experience so enjoyable.

Whether you are on the trail in springtime, with its flowers popping up, or in the fall when the leaves on the burning bush are turning blazing red, the joy of the trip will be part of your, memories for a long time. Be careful though, there are people who power walk, many who jog, and many who just enjoy a leisurely stroll in the early morning or in the late afternoon after a day’s work. Trailhead information is in Legion Park 

** Use the interactive map below to digitally explore the community's recreational trails system.

Red Oak Branding Kit

Align your marketing campaigns with the City of Red Oak's new branding; Red Oak - The Heart of Southwest Iowa.